Renter Insurance

Rental InsuranceDid you know? If a loss occurs at the location that you are renting and that loss happened because of something you did, you can be held personally and financially responsible. For a minimal yearly premium, you could have peace of mind financially if something would occur.

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Rental Buildings

Rental InsuranceWe have markets that can insure anything from a rental mobile home to a multi-story office high rise. When renting to others, you can never know what type of loss may occur. Frozen and burst pipes because the tenant turned off the heat when they left on a trip, someone fell down a set of stairs because the renter failed to tell you that a step was broken. These examples can go on and on.

Types of structures:

• Restaurants                                           • Garages
• Rental Store Fronts                               • Office Space
• Office Buildings                                      • Storage Units
• Warehouses                                           • Almost Any Type of Structure
• Single/Multi-Family Dwellings

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